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Cultural tours

After lessons in the morning, we take our minibus with private driver on various cultural tours. Salento has a lot to offer and a lot to tell. Olive oil has made this region rich for over 300 years. The particularly light-colored and slightly sooty Apulian oil was sold throughout Europe as an illuminant. Gallipoli was the hub and center of this trade. Lecce, the Florence of the south, is one of the most beautiful baroque towns and demonstrates this wealth with its castle, amphitheater, cathedral and over 35 churches. But we also want to get to know Alberobello with its typical conical stone roofs and Otranto, the special harbor town on the Adriatic.


The next trips

Autumn 2024
Sa, 07.09. - Sa, 21.09. 2024

Springtime 2025
Sa, 10.05. - Sa, 24.05. 2025

Autumn 2025
Sa, 06.09. - Sa, 20.09. 2025

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