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For professional reasons we decided to move to Wimmis. There I was a secondary teacher, Italian teacher, headmaster and much more for 25 years. Until my retirement in 2023, I worked in the “Education in Prisons” department and supervised teachers in the correctional system in Central Switzerland.

My name is Maurizio Sederino and my father was born in Copertino (Lecce) and emigrated to Switzerland in the 60s. He comes from Puglia. My mother is from Lombardy, precisely from Bergamo.
Cultural and language trip

Puglia is my second home. I love bringing my guests a little closer to this beautiful area. Puglia is my personal Florida, where I find my holidays, my free time and my relaxation.

I grew up in Bern, first attended secondary school, then high school and studied education at the university of Berne.

I have been married to Margrit Glauser since 1987. We are happy parents of Silvio (1987), Luca (1989) and Carla (1995). Also overjoyed grandparents of Olivia (2015), Emilia (2020) and Livio (2021).
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